way to "paradiset"

... or some Sami-people live like in paradise sami kunst 1

on our way to Bergflällen in Västerbotten län we find this very lovely place. The  Sami are  the only ones are  allowed  to build houses  on islands in Laponia. This is one of the few privilidges the aborigine inhabitants have here.

The person living there made a very lovely artistic route  to his home, which showes, how Sami love and live with the beautiful nature surrounding them. They created  e.g. this scene with the snake and the apple on a stone. 

 here the whole szenery with the pathfinder to paradiset and the first art-work. 

sami kunst 2

Following  the way further on the next you find is big rock on which are painted some pictures of the Sami alphabet inred color . sami kunst 3sami kunst 4A liitle further you get the first impression, how beautiful the paradiset is located. sami kunst 7 The next art-work is this small totem made of old wood and coulorful painted. sami kunst 8For  the next storytelling  thing you have really to look a little more carefully cause  it's perfectly integrated in it's surrounding. sami kunst 5The next is a very tiny and nice house with a funny dwarf.  sami kunst 6The last art-work at  the way is a small chairmade of birch tree branches.  sami kunst 9Then you have  reached the  small  iland on which  the house  of paradiset is located and you understand it's  name ....  sami kunst 10 Here  you find  the last art-work,  a stone  with the  following text: "Welcome. Put all sorrows here on the hooks. They  will be empieted every day  and the contend will be composted to the luck of all /  Willkommen. Sorgen bitte hier an die Haken hängen. Sie werden täglich geleert und der Inhalt kompostiert zum Glück aller". I was  really  touched by  the warm words. sami kunst 11

Last you  se the swimming terrace  and  the boat  which nearly  everybody has here  in front of his home. I  stayed some moments  and  enjoying the calm and so wonderful athmosphere  of  this place, thanking in my mind  the artist for all his positive power putting on the way to this wonderful place. sami kunst 12 :-) Hope I could give  some impressions to you all, how lovely it is  to be in Laponia